T5 high-output kits offer high quality and flexibility at an outstanding value. Want to learn more? Email Us

Get the perfect kit every time.

  • Same great kits at a new, lower price.
    Starting at $94.95 per kit.
  • Sold as two bulb kits.*
  • You can now mix + match sizes. Use two bulbs in one size and two bulbs in another. The combinations are endless!
  • Standard and dimmable kits are available in 24", 36" and 48" sizes. Standard (non-dimmable) is also available in 60".
  • Easy to build and install as main lighting or to complement existing lighting.
  • Dimmable Kits let you control the intensity of T5 bulbs from 0-10v input.**

Great customer service.

  • Kits are backed by a 1 year warranty and great customer support. Click here for warranty information.
  • Replacement parts are available to purchase separately from LET Lighting or your local retailer.
  • Need help? Click here for troubleshooting information. or email us with any questions.

What's in the box:

  • 1x T5 Ballast
  • 1x Wire Harness
  • 1x Grounded Powercord
  • 4x T4 Moisture-Proof End Caps
  • 4x T5 Mounts/Stand-offs for End Caps
  • 2x Miro-4 T5 Reflectors with Lamp Clips
  • Mounting Hardware for Lamp Clips and Stand-offs
LET Lighting Retrofit Kit Packaging

Finished sizes:

  • 24" Kit – 2.5" W (per bulb) x 2.75 H x 24.1" L
  • 36" Kit – 2.5" W (per bulb) x 2.75 H x 35" L
  • 48" Kit – 2.5" W (per bulb) x 2.75 H x 47.75" L
  • 60" Kit – 2.5" W (per bulb) x 2.75 H x 58.5" L
    60" Kit is only available in standard (non-dimmable).

* Bulbs sold separately. LET Lighting recommends using ATI bulbs in your fixture for maximum efficiency and coverage.
** Controller is not included and is required for dimming.