Troubleshooting for the Miro-4 T5 High-Output 2-Bulb Retrofit Kit

  1. You plug in the ballast and nothing happens.
    This is by far the most common problem and is usually the result of an incorrectly wired power-cord to the ballast. It’s extremely important that you completely insert the wires into the small ports on the ballast to ensure they have a good connection. It also helps to reduce the chance of accidentally touching the black wire to the white wire. Even if one small strand of black wire touches the white wire (or vice versa) it can cause arching which can damage the ballast. It is also a potential safety hazard.
  2. You plug in the ballast and one bulb flashes.
    In this case you most likely have an incorrectly wired end-cap or a defective bulb. If you have multiple kits set up and one of them is working correctly you can easily determine if you have a defective bulb by trying to fire the ‘problem’ bulbs in the working set-up. If both bulbs fire then you probably have a wiring problem. First verify that you have the correctly followed the wiring diagram included with your ballast. Then double check to make sure that you have wired each end-cap correctly. Re-fire. If you still are experiencing a problem, swap ballasts to verify that they are all working correctly. If both bulbs fire independently then you have a wiring problem.

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